Wish for Contact

Hans A. Jenny is the owner of a private library with more than 80'000 books and over 1000 "Dossiers" of cultural, geographical and historical curiosities worldwide. It is the greatest private reference- and documentary-collection in Switzerland.

Hans A. Jenny - author of 36 books and "Editor" of 3 books - is searching for contacts with providers, editors, newspapers, internet-information-enterprises, etc., for a better use of his in every themata very special and extraordinary archives as a private source.

Perhaps a kind of "Joint-Venture" with other documentation-centers?

The collections are situated in an old house in the Basle countryside in Tecknau (BL-Switzerland) on the Basle-Olten-Railway-Line.

For more details please have a look at "Infotainment" or - in the German part of this domain - at "Kulturzentrum" - "Bibliothek", "Ausstellungen" and "Sammlungen".

For information about the books writen by Hans A. Jenny look at "Publikationen".